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Gentle yet powerful energy medicine sessions assist in activating and boosting your body's own self-healing processes

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Linda Guyette Anderson is an energy healer and an empath. Linda is able to dissolve chronic blockages and transmit vital energy. The effects are subtle and nurturing as your body's healing abilities are put in motion and accelerated for more rapid recovery. Read more »

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Visions of New Realities
Visions of New Realities

In 2003, when I first started undergoing changes that set me on the path to my spiritual awakening, I had a life-changing experience over a period of three consecutive nights of which certain details remain vivid in my mind to this day.

The Evolution of Complementary Medicine and Alternative Healing
The Evolution of Complementary Medicine and Alternative Healing

As we observe the health trends taking place in the United States, it’s becoming evident we have been making significant progress toward creating a safer, more open environment for effective, accessible, and viable alternatives to our entrenched institution of conventional medicine.

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