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Visions of Earth's Potential Realities

According to a CBS News poll conducted in April 2019, 7% of those polled stated they didn't believe in global warming. The percentage has actually shrunk dramatically since 2012 when 18% said they didn't believe the earth is actually warming

As superstorms that wreak havoc on the planet increase in number, icebergs decrease in number, and areas of the world experience unprecedented water shortages, it becomes less of "does global warming exist?" and more of "what can be done about the changing climate?"

For some people who actually accept the science that clearly depicts average global temperatures have increased over the decades and understand the impact of such change, the question remains: is the earth warming primarily due to natural causes or is mankind the main instigator of our erratic climate patterns?

To possibly answer this enigma, it would help to look at things from a different perspective: knowing that there is naturally an effect to every action, can we honestly tell ourselves there are no serious worldwide repercussions to the relentless, widespread, and massive spewing of toxic substances into our atmosphere that has been going on for decades now?

In my mind, the answer to that question is clear. My viewpoint on global warming, however, was already significantly altered many years ago by a unique firsthand perspective altogether.

In 2003, when I first started undergoing changes that set me on the path to my spiritual awakening, I had a life-changing experience over a period of three consecutive nights of which certain details remain vivid in my mind to this day. Looking back, I believe this experience was brought about because I had an intense interest in the fate of the planet as news of global warming was just starting to become mainstream by climate science experts. It turned out, however, that not only was I shown visions of the repercussions of climate change but other possible future scenarios as well.

On the first night, I was awakened in the middle of the night and I was pulled from my physical body and lifted above the United States by a spirit being I did not recognize. I was shown an aerial view of North America and was specifically told the year was 2048. The portions of land I flew over at that time were mostly covered by water. I was told that governments were well aware of statistical data that pointed to this upcoming event but ignored or denied its existence. The figure 2/3, or two-thirds, was shown to me, so I took it to mean that 2/3 of the existing land would remain. There was a sense that this reality was not a solid probability, but we need to watch the signs in order to prevent it from happening. (Note this study that predicts an unprecedented rise in U.S. coastal flooding.)

The next night I was again taken from my physical body. This time I was shown scenarios that seemed to be closer in the future, or that the circumstances started taking shape in a relatively short period of time. My first visit of the night showed at least 50% of the United States population was out of paying jobs. Many workers had been replaced with either machines or other resources that could do the work more efficiently and inexpensively (recognizing the current rise in artificial intelligence, we can understand how it could likely contribute to such a scenario). The second vision of the night showed there was a high level of radiation in the air somewhere in the world. People walked around wearing what they called "lime suits" — perhaps because of the color of the protective suit. I was not shown what caused increased radiation.

The vision from the third night of my astral travels was the most frightening. I was taken to a townhouse where I found myself staring at the twilight stars through a sliding glass door. I saw a large bright object hanging low in the sky. Immediately I went outside and gathered with a group of people standing together observing the event; the fear among the crowd was palpable. Then I saw a red light streaking toward it, and the bright object horrifyingly fell toward Earth. That's when "all hell broke loose." I saw what might have been planes flying through the air, or perhaps they were missiles. The townhouses all around me started to blow up. The chain reaction was headed toward me. I looked for a way to escape but couldn't. At first, I thought the object that had been blown up was our sun but knew I had to be wrong, that it only resembled the sun because of the intensity of its brightness but was perhaps a comet or other celestial body. The indescribable horror I felt throughout this vision has stayed with me to this day. I did not sense the timing of this event but, by judging the contemporary feel of my surrounding environment, I surmised it might be in my lifetime.

I could understand being shown the first and second nights' visions and being led to realize we have the power to change our collective consciousness and subsequently steer the course away from those possible scenarios by making more aware choices, but what about the third vision? Is the potential reality of being hit by an incoming comet, asteroid, or meteor that is capable of drastically altering the face of this planet something that we can actually change? Maybe it is, because that drastic path ahead of us may be based on serving a purpose to radically avert our present course of deleterious actions against the environment and humanity amounting in needless self-destruction, and if we can work on more widely adopting an increased holistic long-term perspective, then we will eliminate the need to undergo a massive reset of humanity's path.

Because of the way I inadvertently brought about my spiritual awakening through the use of the power of my mind, one of the most important lessons I gathered from it is that our thoughts have a powerful effect on our reality. Understanding and accepting, then, the absolute power of the mind, we can decide to change our collective thoughts, beliefs, and actions to influence the shape of things to come and choose carefully, without fear, from all the potential realities available to us. Because natural law ensures consequences to our choices and actions, our destiny guarantees that situations in the present not following the natural order of things will collapse going into the future. By working toward a new reality and going back to the origins of honorable living such as respect for ourselves; our newfound technologies; all others (including all living things); the invisible, intelligent creative forces at work; and for the Earth, we can actually look forward with anticipation to more desirable future events yet to come.

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