Energy Healer, Linda Guyette

Linda Guyette, energy healer

Linda Guyette is an energy healer, kundalini consultant, and an expert on spiritual awakenings. She is is able to transmit vital energy, which transforms a person's own energy system and promotes more rapid self-healing.

Her capacity for healing emerged from a profound and extensive spiritual awakening that began in 2007, also known as a kundalini awakening. Since the initial time of her spiritual emergence, most of those years have been spent recovering from a traumatic reaction to wrongfully prescribed medication, in addition to learning how to balance the effects of the awakening on her nervous system and symptoms arising from the expansion of consciousness.

Along the way she discovered her extraordinary abilities through noticeable changes in her awareness and persistent nonphysical phenomena, as well as through guidance from fellow kundalini experiencers and spiritual teachers who helped her gain a better understanding of her process and path to self-realization.

Because of the years of extensive suffering Linda has endured, she is now at a place of deep feeling and understanding of others' suffering and need for relief and healing.

Linda is writing a handbook for others undergoing the same spiritual awakening process and includes an autobiography of her now 15-year-long journey.

Linda is also an ACHE-certified hypnotherapist, a Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Consultant, and has a bachelor’s degree in Natural Health Studies.

Besides her role as an energy healer, Linda has also been a web designer and Internet marketer for the past 25 years.